Hass Construction

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Project management services

A. Design phase: 
1.Prepare a program with the owner's input.
2.Prepare a chart of required personal.
 3.Provide the owner with various cost alternatives regarding each major decision.
4.Project team selection.
5.Constructability and Value Engineering Review.
6.Monitor design process.
7.Coordinate the owner's team.
8.Reinforce the owner's goals.
9.Review the drawings and specifications for the value engineering.
10.Review all cost estimates.
11.Review all project scheduling.
12.Coordinate the Architect and Engineers.
13.Assist in obtaining town approvals and utility companies approvals.
14.Coordinate owner supplied materials.
15.Risk assessment/strategy.

B. Construction Phase:
1.Prepare bid packages.
2.Review bids and evaluate bids with the owner.
3.Assist owner in awarding all contracts.
4.Visit site on a weekly basis.
5.Provide input on technical issues.
6.Budget and cost variance reporting.
7.Monitor the project Schedule.
8.Ensure quality control.
9.Prepare and Issue meeting notes.
10.Monitor and approve change orders.
11.Review all contractor requisitions.

C. Project close-out:
1.Assist with punch list items.
2.Obtain final lien waivers and warranties.
3.Schedule and assist with the move from your current locations